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The faith we live by in this church searches for truth in our own individual hearts, in our own life experiences, in the many faith traditions and philosophies that nurture us, in the explorations of science. Ours is not a blind faith: It is based neither on creeds, the scriptures of any particular religion, the pronouncements of a church hierarchy, nor the words of any single person. Rather, we submit our beliefs to the test of knowledge, reason, and compassion. Our faith aims to treat all humans irrespective of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or religious belief with caring and respect. Ours is a faith of deeds and commitment to building humane character and love for the natural world. It is a faith of the free mind and the loving heart.


Screen Time

Reverend Tim Barger

Worship Associate Karen Christie


How do we situate video entertainment in our lives? There are reasons for escapism, education, and just some idle time when we turn on our TVs, stream on our computers, or go to the cineplex. Can screen time serve body, mind, and soul?

Fellowship Hour: Please join us after the service for refreshments. If your last name begins with H-N, we invite you to bring goodies to share, if you are able.

The Bestseller List

Reverend Tim Barger

Worship Associate Joe Moran


In praise of reading, let’s look at the New York Times Bestseller List and see what is Unitarian Universalist friendly in the titles and descriptions.

Fellowship Hour: Please join us after the service for refreshments. If your last name begins with A - G, we invite you to bring goodies to share, if you are able.

Learning To Encourage Ourselves And Others

Sierra Webb

Worship Associate: Karen Christie


Reflect upon our 3rd principle: the acceptance of one another and encouragement to spiritual growth in our congregations. Accepting ourselves helps us to accept others, and this correlates with encouraging ourselves and others to grow, spiritually.

Music Notes: Today's music will be performed by Sierra Webb, our Youth, and Melissa Jeter. Songs about acceptance and encouragement were selected from Keb Mo, Cat Stevens and the Beatles.

Fellowship Hour: Please join us after the service for refreshments. Bring a goodie to share, if you are able, on this fifth Sunday of the month.

Bee-Loved Community

David Strickler

Worship Associate: Joe Moran


Bees and flowers have a symbiotic relationship as a result of co-evolution. Thus, bees provide a good starting point for understanding the interdependent web of nature of which we are a part. In addition, social bees provide a good metaphor for our church community. In this summer service, we will celebrate bees and consider their significance for us.

Music Notes: Today's music will be representing the importance of nature!

All Are Welcome... Are You Sure?

Terry McCauley

Worship Associate: Luanne Billstein


The first, third and seventh UU principles suggest that All Are Welcome in our church. But is that true in our practice? We will look at several examples of how we live out this idea. We will also look at situations where we will ask "Are you sure?" Are "All" welcome not only in our church, but in our neighborhoods, in our lives and in our hearts?

Music Notes: Music will be provided by Sierra Webb and Melissa Jeter. This will include Welcoming songs from Sweet Honey and the Rock and Hal Walker.

Watering Seeds Of Joy In Our Lives

Karen Christie

Worship Associate: Judy Trautman


The pain and brokenness that we see in the world at times feels overwhelming. Almost daily we read reports of children separated from parents, mass shootings, sexual abuse, racism, homophobia and the list goes on. We have choices in how we respond to all of this. One of those choices is to nourish and care for ourselves and to water our seeds of joy, as we work to heal the wounds of the world.

Service Info

Our worship services are held each Sunday at 11:00 a.m.  We offer many opportunities to engage in fellowship directly after service in our Fellowship Hall. We have Lifespan Faith Development programs for children and adults September through May.  We will be glad to see you here!


First Unitarian Church of Toledo
3205 Glendale Avenue
Toledo, OH 43614-2423

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Reverend Tim Barger

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